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Now we go into full speed prepping for Pom Nationals.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the Specialty.  It is so wonderful to have such diversity in the events we photograph.  No matter what event you participate in, everyone loves their babies the same.  That is what it is all about.  Time with our best fur friends!      



AQ4U Barn Hunt - Feb 2018

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Back To Being Busy, Busy! http://www.springfieldphotography.org/blog/2018/2/back-to-being-busy-busy Springfield Photography had a nice little break over the holidays with a lighter schedule and some much needed time at home.  Now we are primed and ready go.  It's a good thing too with lots of trials and events coming up. Last weekend was a blast at the ACI Agility Trial in Indy.  It was great to see friends from many of the clubs we visit all in one place.  Lots of new puppies were there too.  It is so much fun to watch them grow into great athletes.  Time certainly flies with our children and our dogs.

We are still very excited about our new website.  We will all get to learn together.  Please contact us if you have any questions or need help.  We have added some instructions on how to order a CD or similar item.  There is a drop down attached the the ABOUT section.  Please let us know if you find it helpful or if we need to add anything. 

Have a great weekend and hopefully I will see you at the AQ4U Barn Hunt.  Michael has to stay home and work since he is allergic to straw.  I feel bad for him because we all know...   #BarnHuntRocks!!

See you soon!






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Springfield Photography - Our New Web Home http://www.springfieldphotography.org/blog/2018/2/springfield-photography---our-new-web-home Welcome Friends to our new website! 

We have dreamed and prayed about this for a long time.  This blessing actually arrived sooner that we thought it could and we couldn't be happier.We will be learning how everything works right along with you.  If you need any help at all please contact us.  We hope you will be just as glad as we are that you can now use your smart phone or tablet to look around or place an order.  Yay!  And to us, the shopping cart is like going from a Gremlin to a Ferrari.  Love the bells and whistles.  LOL

Hopefully everyone is ready for an upcoming weekend of fun, whether it be an agility trial, scent work, or some other good time with your fur babies and friends.  I think I will be hopping the state line and seeing what kind of fun is going on in Indiana this weekend.  

Let's have some fun!!


The excitement of Barn Hunt!The excitement of Barn Hunt!


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